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Planning Superpower: Cultural Fusion Weddings

Culturals weddings have long been our niche. Many years ago a bride asked us to plan her wedding. She was Hindu and her husband was Japenese and our role was to create 1 seamless event integrating both cultures, multiple ceremonies and one large family fun event that spanned a couple days.

Wow that was an undertaking but we did our homework, we learned along the way and we soon found out that bringing together 2 distinct cultures were our Superpower.

Since that time we have been hired to create 4 day Indian events, and other cultures that include; Chinese, Russian, Greek, Jewish, Nigerian, Pakistani, Persion & Ethiopian.

We have grown to love these events so much because they continue to evolve as traditions modernize. We love to work with family members to ensure the event is a reflection of the full family and that the couple is thrilled and they are making their families proud at the same time.

Our team has close relationships with religious preiests throughout Indiana, Ohio, Kentucy & Illonois and we know the best caterers and design rental organizations to create the event you always dreamed of.

#Fusionweddings and multiday cultural weddings may seem like a large undertaking. The solution is to have the experienced planner on your side. Our team will guide you through all of the decisions and details that come with planning the event in all the cultures and work with you to ensure your event is a perfect mix of culture and personal style!

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