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Wedding Day Weather Problems Solved with Blue Llama Events

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

We all love outdoor ceremonies, tented weddings, and those beautiful first-look photos surrounded by the green of nature. When it comes to things outside of our control on wedding day, Mother Nature tops the cake.

As a planner who tracks the weather constantly, there is no doubt that the weather is getting more severe. Years ago, we invested in 200 clear umbrellas for clients to use so that we could hand those out during a ceremony, at a moment's notice. Luckily we never had to use them and they just gave us a little bit of reassurance on our wedding day.

This year, we find ourselves talking less about rain and more about thunder, lightning, excessive heat, and wind gusts. Conditions and weather severity have gotten worse and our team has a couple of ways to better prepare our clients for weather that goes wrong.

First, it is important to like your inclement weather backup plan and have a logistically solid plan. We always create those plans for our clients in case of a worst-case scenario. But, being informed with the most accurate weather data puts us in the best position on the event day.

Blue Llama Events works directly with a meteorologist. The meteorologist is on call 24/7 to answer questions and give us data on the exact location for any of the weddings or events that we manage. Once we provide them with the address of the event, they provide us with a radar that lets our team ( and our client) know the location of current lighting, rain, and all other weather-related issues we are concerned about. This is not your typical weather app. It isn't based on a city, which is expansive. It's based on the exact location and address we are at.

This gives us the most accurate information possible to make the most informed decisions about outdoor viability. All of our clients have access to this service and we are always on top of the weather situation for your event. This is just another way that Blue Llama Events brings value to your event planner.

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