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What types of events do you plan?

Our most common events are corporate events and weddings. We also plan a few larger scale private parties every year.

What is full service event planning and design?

Full service event planning and design allows us to help you through the entire process of planning & design. We will provide all of the services included managing the timeline for planning,  the event day as well as budgeting,  researching,  selection of vendors, contract negotiation and review, and event design.  We attend vendor meetings all the way through final consultations. You make all the decisions and we help you to keep you on track in the planning phases.


What is event or wedding coordination?

Wedding coordination allows you to plan all of the major events of the day with someone on your side to email with questions and then we take over executing those for you 1-3 months before your wedding. This includes us creating a timeline, working with all your vendors to ensure timely arrival and departure, setting up any items at your ceremony or reception, executing all of the major events of your day, and getting all your personal items to the correct people at the end of the night.  We will be sure that you and your family and friends only think about fun!



What makes Blue Llama Events different?

Design is at our foundation. We help pull event designs together and offer 3D event design so you can see your vision come to life before the event day.  You can come visit us at our office and look through tons of linen samples, and other design work to get inspired or help pull all of your ideas together into a cohesive plan.


 We have planned hundreds of events . This truly makes us experts, there are few situations that we have not encountered,  and we can use our vast experience to make sure you get the best value for your money and have the best event possible.

How do we know Blue Llama Events is a good fit for us?

We believe everyone deserves a blissful worry free event and we love helping clients to plan unique events that are tailored to their individual  personalities or company goals and brands. We are always quick to respond to you and your vendors making it easy to make progress throughout planning.

Is a wedding coordinator or planner needed if the venue offers a Venue Coordinator

Venue coordinators coordinate all things related to the venue but that is usually where their responsibilities end. Throughout working with venue coordinators, we are an advocate for you and we ensure your wedding day is planned as you would like it to be with each vendor. We will ensure all the details are executed as you'd like not just the venue side but all the additional details that are outside their responsibilities. 

How many clients do you have each day?

We only book one event per day so that we can make sure you have our team’s full attention


Do you have free initial consultations?

Yes! We always do free initial consultations to see if we can find a good fit of our services to help you appropriately with your event. You can book a consultation through our website and meet us at our office located just off Monument Circle or we are happy to talk by phone too.


Do you work with clients who live out of state or country?

Yes, most of our clients live out of state and we use technology to help us plan things just like you were here. We also have flexible schedules so that if you plan a trip into town to get things planned, we can have someone from our team available.

Where did the name Blue Llama Events come from?

We wanted a name that reflected our personality and style. Whimsical and unique with a focus on personalization on each clients event, so we had to personalize our brand as well.  We dont own any  llamas but we sure know some people that do! 

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