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Classic Blue

Everyone in the events industry gets excited when Pantone releases its color of the year, its something trendy to talk about.

We don't love it because its easy to work with in our industry ( it usually isnt) and I am sure Pantone does not choose this with wedding or event design in mind.

Last year we had the coral color and I saw very few weddings incorporate that. This year is Classic Blue. On its own, most would agree that it is beautiful and classic, and many of our clients will want to incorporate this into their special day in 2020

Here are some beautiful ways to incorporate Classic Blue into your wedding along with the traditional something borrowed and something blue.

Florals: Blue is not a natural color to find in florals and a little definitely goes a long way. We suggest staying clear of dying your florals, even though it can be done well, it can often look fake. Hydrangea and Delphinium is the truest blue flowers and they are usually a lighter blue than classic blue. Mixed with delicate ivory florals your bouquets and decor will look amazing. Certain times of the years you may be able to find midnight roses

Pops of Classic Blue: Whether its your linens or on your shoes, a pop of classic blue is enough to make anyone smile with surprise to see how you personalized and all the thought you put into your special day. The pops of color look best against some ivory or brown neutrals

Bridesmaid Dresses- A great use of a bold color, especially when you allow each bridesmaid the chance to wear a dress shape best for them

Wedding Cake: No matter what beautiful design you choose for your wedding cake- try a blue velvet interior!

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