• Jean Rivers

Personalize your Event with 3D Printing

Something that started as a hobby for my husband had soon turned into this vital part of the Blue Llama Events business model.

It started when one of my clients didn't like the table numbers they ordered online and we were just a couple of days out from the wedding day. I got on the printing software and began to design a table number that was big and bold like my client originally intended. They were some of the most unique table numbers I have seen used at a wedding and I began to realize that the possibilities with #3dprinting were endless!

We attract a clientele that is a bit whimsical and they love to add personal touches to their wedding to showcase their style and their interests. One wedding we printed bow ties for a group of groomsmen that were video gamers looking to make their suit stand out in the most unique way.

Our biggest project by far was creating a #mandap for an Indian bridal photo shoot. Over 1000 hours of printing on wood filament and we had an alter that commanded attention and was exactly the look that we wanted for a wooded inspired Hindu ceremony

The sky is really the limit, from custom cake toppers, signage, to decor. The things that seemed impossible are now possible with 3D printing and I am so lucky to be able to use our teams design skills to create the perfect items for our clients special days.

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