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Advantages of a Winter Wedding

Eighty percent of weddings happen between March and October each year but there are great advantages for #planning a #winterwedding. These weddings can easily stand out as unique and beautiful.

One advantage is you will plan your ceremony and reception for indoors so no need for rain and wind back up plan. And if its snows that's a huge plus for some snowy wonderland photography. Gifting a faux fur for your bridal party is a great idea, they will sure thank you!

From your color palette to flowers and decor, there are so many elements of the winter season that will stand out amongst the sea of summer weddings. Plus its the best time to have a Black tie event. No one wants to be at an outside ceremony during the summer in back tie but during winter months its a great look!

Keeping your budget down during the off season- rates are better for a wedding venues, planners and most all vendors will be willing to compromise on cost during the slower season. Guests can take advantage of lower cost travel and accommodations during these months as well.

So you can save money, have a beautiful event that is unique during the winter months. And if you tend to get cranky and sweaty when its hot, winter may be the season for you!

Photography by Adam Brennan

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