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Updated: Mar 5, 2019

You may know we Plan and Coordinate Weddings and Corporate Events. But do you know what makes us super unique,??!?!

#Design and #Technology is at our foundation. Whether we are designing a 3D layout for our clients or creating one of a kind centerpieces with our 3D printers, you will find that we are always mixing our love of decor and our tech enthusiasm to create a personalized and unique event for our clients. We are so proud of cornering the #technology #niche in the wedding market , we are excited to bring you all the benefits that it has to offer!

3D Layouts

Whether you are having a wedding under the stars or at a large hotel, we can create your floor layout and guest seating chart. Our 3D software walk through can get so detailed, you can see what your centerpieces and  table place settings will look like...now that's great use of technology!

This is really for the clients that have to visualize everything, want to see how colors work together with linens and chargers and how if they like the look with rectangular, round or a mix of different tables.

We begin by getting space measurements ( everything has to be to scale) and then we add in the furniture and details that make your ceremony, reception, or event unique

Custom 3D Wedding Reception Layout

You will receive a link to our software and actually be able to walk through like the video below

3D Printing

I get a lot of confused faces when I talk about how this works. Sometimes its best to just see to watch a video. As of now I believe I am the only wedding planner that can create 3D bespoke pieces for your events. We can make you table numbers in any color and size, cake toppers, customized photo booth props. Your imagination is the only limit. And yes, one of our #techy clients recently hired us to make 3D printed bow ties!

#3D printed Groom Bow Tie

3D printing in action

Custom Table numbers

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