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Lacey & Mikes Dreamy Winter Wedding

Welcome to the beautiful, and at times comedic, winter wedding of Mike and Lacey!

Picture this: the Columbia Club in downtown Indianapolis, dressed to the nines in holiday cheer, where modern chic meets classic elegance, and love is the star of the show.

As guests shuffled in, greeted by the acrylic welcome sign adorned with wedding florals, it was clear this was going to be a wedding to remember. The venue, a historic gem with views that could make your heart skip a beat, was the perfect stage for Mike and Lacey's love story to unfold – think of it as the ultimate rom-com, with a touch of personal comedic sarcasm.

Inside, the scene was straight out of a Pinterest board, with twinkling lights and white florals galore. It was like walking into a winter wonderland, minus the frostbite. The décor was a masterclass in blending modern flair with old-school charm.

As the ceremony began, all eyes turned to Lacey in her stunning Marie Gabriel wedding dress. The ceremony was a rollercoaster of emotions – laughter and tears. But amidst it all, Mike and Lacey exchanged vows that would put Shakespeare to shame, promising to love each other through thick and thin, snow or shine.

As the sun dipped below the Monument Circle skyline and the party kicked into high gear, it was clear that this was no ordinary reception – it was a celebration of epic proportions with Blue Water Kings Band leading the way. From the mouthwatering feast to the dance floor shenanigans it was a night to remember.

And so, as the clock struck midnight and the last stragglers stumbled out to the after party at The Silo Club, Mike and Lacey stole a moment alone to soak it all in. Hand in hand, they looked out at the city twinkling below, knowing that their love was the brightest light of all.

Here's to Mike and Lacey, the dynamic duo who proved that love knows no season. May your days be filled with laughter, your hearts with warmth, and your love with enough magic to light up even the coldest of winter nights. Cheers to love, laughter, and happily ever after! 🥂💍 #WinterWedding #LoveInDecember #MikeAndLaceySayIDo 💑💕

Creative Team :

Planning & Design @bluellamaevents

Videography @slyefilms

Photography @heathersherillphotography

Venue & Catering @columbiaclubindy

Floral @satinandstems

Invitations, stationary and acrylic signage @pickleprints

Entertainment @bluewaterkingsband

Rehearsal event @thebemberg

Afterparty @siloautoclub

Transportation @avantegarde

Cake @classiccakes


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