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My 5 Tips for Productivity with the Kids Home

My Top 5 Tips for Staying Productive with Kids at Home

1. Know when you have to be laser focused: my husband and I switch watching the kids when the other has important meetings or needs time to work without distraction.

2. Take walks or outdoor workouts: this helps to clear my mind and get me back on track when I feel overwhelmed.

3. No alcohol: this may be unpopular but I am forgoing alcohol during this time. No matter how great a glass of wine with dinner is, it will make us more dehydrated, have less energy and get more easily fatigued & irratable.

4. Plan ahead, it's a team effort: My husband and I discuss our schedules at least a day or 2 ahead of time so we can use our time wisely and knock out our work and personal goals.

5. Creative Time: One thing I have struggled with recently is getting stuck in all the tasks that have to be done everyday. Creative entrepenaurs, me in particular, need time to think big picture and creatively. Schedule that time so you can begin to think at a higher level and turn challenges into oppurtunities.

Don’t expect to be as productive as you were working 8 hours in the office. It’s a work in progress for the entire world, and everyone understands when your kids run into the room while your on a Zoom call

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