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So many wedding planners, how do I choose????

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

So you have decided you need a wedding planner. Someone to take you through this planning process so you can have a stress free engagement and an amazing wedding day. The last things you want to be worrying about is the timeline and logistics. There are lots of #weddingplanners to choose from, remember that they are not all created equal. Many #eventplanners own their business, so they have different offers, payment terms, insurance, pricing etc. Planners aren't necessarily designers and designers aren't necessarily planners. Some may even have other jobs in addition to their business. These are all good questions to ask as you reach out to see if they are a right fit for you

But first, determine your style. Are you looking for #casual, #elegant, #whimisical, #rockandrollbride, #rustic, #bohowedding. Check through directories like #theknot, #weddingwire & google searches and see what planners do a lot of work in your style.

Read the team bio pages and reviews to get a feeling if they are flexible and focused on ALWAYS, providing awesome experiences for their clients.

Next reach out to them, if they respond quickly and their communication process is easy, that's a good indication you will have the same experience with them during the planning phases.

See if the planners you are interested in can send you a detailed agreement and proposal so you can understand all the details up front and compare the value for each. Some planners may be more expensive because they offer more options like sending out your invites or decor set up and rentals. If you really want a planner who is out of your price range, ask about reducing some of those options to be able to hire them, it will be a good indicator if they are flexible enough to make accommodations for their clients.

Always ask the hard questions about how many people are on staff, insurance, and why you should pick them over the other #weddingpros.

Remember, you could be working with this company for 6 months to 2 years, make sure you trust that they can do the job and make the process enjoyable for you both.

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