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Why Downtown Indianapolis Weddings Rock

There are so many great things to love of about #downtownindy! The art, events, venues, foods & culture are just some of the reasons our couples want to get married in downtown #Indianapolis

There is a wide array of event venues to choose from. Whether you want the traditional elegance of the Omni Severin or a hotel that is hip and full of art like The Alexander. The modern bride may want an industrial chic space like VisionLoft or a historic venue like Union Station or you can even get married on the canal or Monument Circle. Depending on the size of your event, your budget and your wedding style you can find that perfect venue here!

Lets talk a little about the photos! you can choose to have photos on a skyline rooftop, on Meridian Street overlooking the Circle or by the many different sites steeped in history - you, your planner and photographer can work together to find the places where the lighting is great and give you the pictureque backdrops that you like best .

And downtown has some of the most beautiful churches in Indy too!

Now I know people sometimes want to stay clear of downtown because of the parking but there are lots of options on the weekends that make this easier on your guests. Some venues provide you with free or discounted parking passes for partner garages and if you are in an area that has street parking, its free to park on weekends downtown. We like to give our guests clear instruction on your invitation or wedding website so that this is no problem for anyone to come downtown, in fact we want them to have lots of fun enjoying your wedding, reception and maybe joining the after party that you can all walk to!

Downtown is full of conveniences and is such a fun area to hang out and fun to have a wedding!

Give us a call, we are downtown Indianapolis experts in wedding planning and would love to help make your wedding dreams come to life

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