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Bang for the Buck

I had such an interesting conversation at a #bridal show yesterday that really got me thinking. A friend had spent about $17K on their wedding and everyone around her was talking about how she was cutting corners and the wedding felt "cheap"

So the question I was left with is how can we all be more strategic when planning your wedding? How can we get beautiful, a great guest experience, and most importantly the best day of your life that represents you, and still stay within your #weddingbudget?

Use vendors that wear multiple hats! Every time you bring on a #weddingpro, you pay for their minimum #weddingday price regardless of what services you are getting provided by them. Use a DJ that also includes lighting, a planner that also does decor and design, a venue that includes set up and take down and making the ceremony to reception flip happen. Some of these add ons can be negotiated during the hiring process. Talk with your planner about how to get the most for your money but at the same time, building a great relationship with each vendor that will be making your #weddingday dreams come true.

Choose a Friday or Sunday date. Saturday weddings are prime time and and not only will you be able to get the best vendors in the city, this will save you up to 30% on venues, vendors and more! All of a sudden what seemed out of your budget, is now in reach

Follow vendors on #facebook and #instagram to get special promotions or discounts. Most of us post available dates and specials and overall lots of good ideas and insight on the #weddingindustry on our social media. Instagram and #Pinterest are by far the place for all things wedding

Sometimes buying is cheaper then renting. When it comes to décor items, table settings, and linens, sometimes it's better to purchase outright. Once you get a quote from the rental company, determine whether it's more cost effective for you to purchase them. You may even be able to sell the items after your wedding is over

A great idea to save on the cost of wedding flowers is to help build your bouquets. @flowerboysindy allows you to bring in your bridal team and make your own florals, saving you money and a great starter event to a girls night out!

You can even purchase a faux cake. Ask your baker to make the top tier of your cake real (for cutting). Then, create other tiers out of styrofoam and decorate it accordingly. Your presentation cake will still be gorgeous while saving a few dollars — and you can have sheet cakes in the back for serving.

Opt for a #signaturecocktail instead of open bar

There is so much value in hiring a planner, we can keep you on design and on budget to get the wedding of your dreams. And having a confidant on site throughout the wedding day is a #priceless benefit that will allow you to enjoy the most important day of your life.

Indianapolis has so many vendors and wedding options that is can feel overwhelming and expense will add up quickly. Be strategic when planning, what is most important to you and how can you make it all happen without driving yourself and everyone else around you crazy for the next year of planning

Can you afford not to hire a #weddingplanner and or #weddingcoordinator?

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