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Plan Your Marriage, Not Just The Wedding

You have found your partner and have nurtured this growing loving relationship. Congrats, it is such a huge milestone in your life! Right now, there is nothing more important than stepping back and soaking in all these wonderful feelings.

There is no doubt that almost immediately people will want to see your ring and will start asking all kinds of questions about your #wedding that you haven't started to consider. Just because the questions are being asked, doesn't mean you have to have the answers right now. Sometimes everyone forgets that there are no rules here. You do not have to plan a wedding immediately, you can just be #engaged... and that is a wonderful experience.

Take a month or two... or three and spend your time together talking about what you want your #marriage to look like, what do you both want to accomplish in life. Even chart out a short term and long term life plan with each other, this will actually help you when you do begin wedding planning and how to budget for your special day. Ask the questions about how you can make each other happy each day, what types of things do you want to do together, how much alone time do you want? Kids? Where would you like to eventually live?

Here's the thing, when you reply to all those wedding questions from family and friends with "we are first working on our marriage plan and when we complete that will start to plan a wedding" You may have some dropped jaws but no one can disagree with how smart that is.

Not only will you come through your engagement time with a deeper understanding of each other and the things that you can do to make each other happiest. But now you have realistic information from your life plan with how much you can spend on your wedding and what you both want from that special day!

When your ready, reach out to a #weddingplanner and see who you connect with. Who is ready to help you strategically tackle this journey?

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