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The Birth of a Style Shoot

Image: Allison Mayer Photography

It was just 3 of us ladies having coffee at Hubbard & Cravens in Carmel when we started discussing the idea of putting our skills together to make a really great collaboration event. We knew we wanted it to be a something that highlighted all of our #weddingvisions and I was recently dreaming about a tree growing out of the center of a table. We added in the use of pompous grasses and metallic table settings and we knew we had a unique idea beginning to grow.

Fast forward a couple weeks and Keatha @knoxflowers, Brooke @uncommlystyled and myself made a visit to a couple vineyards and landed on The Sycamore at Mallow Run. This proved to be a great spot- we wanted to have all of the work photographed in between in the vines and the venue loved the idea of having us market the idea of glamour on site when they typically have a very rustic vibe going on.

I had recently met the folks at Hamilton County Llama and they wanted to bring Diamond & Layna out for photos too! Selfishly that was great for me so I was all about it and everyone probably just agreed to do it to make me happy.

On every project there is always something that is difficult and this time it was ...bridal attire... Brooke was reaching out to couture designers on the perfect dress with no luck for weeks. The day before the shoot we choose a beautiful dress @luxreduxbridal. It was beaded and complimented the elegance of the shoot so well.

I remember calling Brookes cell phone she proceeded to tell me she was in her car, currently driving, to Atlanta Georgia to pick up the dress she needed to make the vision come to life. Wow! Talk about MVP! So YES she drove 8 hours to Atlanta Georgia, picked up the dress of her dreams from Kellys Closet and brought back that stunning Rue De Siene Bridal gown called the Moonlight Valentina. Let me tell you, it wasn't even confirmed that they were going to give it to her. But I think they were so impressed by her dedication to make that drive, they probably would have felt awful turning her away!

Now I am sure this was all meant to be, because when Katie put that dress on, it fit her in a way that could not be any more perfect...I mean really - she felt amazing in it and it looked like it was made for her. Then Edith Herrera did her hair and makeup....#beyondperfection. And our groom looked dapper in his white and navy suite from Louies Tux Shop

I do remember thinking on my drive down to the vineyard with my packed car, including the marble cake made by the Cake Hole, that we may have had to many things going on in this shoot. That it there was a high likelihood this could be a little clunky and disjointed. Something about mixing llamas, balloons, navy velvet, leather settees, and grapevines....It felt right during planning but I was definitely second guessing myself that afternoon.

When we began to set up, quickly this #weddingpro team made the pieces work together like fine wine and cheese! We had 2 amazing photographers with different styles photograph the shoot. Michelle Rakoteet & Allison Mayer @indywedding2nd and both of their work was published in the next couple months by Wedding Day Blog & Premiere Weddings in print. Thank you ladies!!

Tyler from Banzi, passionate as ever, brought out this pretty epic balloon strand and intertwined it in the garpevines and Tia Settee from Violet Vintage

Mallory from @milagrosstudio came down from Michigan and brought with her an invitation suite and place cards made of capiz shellls that would make any dinner guest swoon ( yes I just used that word)

I'm proud of this shoot because it was truly a collaboration of all our talents.

It was also one of the most uplifting style shoots I've been a part of. These llamas, who wore moss derby hats courtesy of Keatha at Knox Flowers, brought smiles to everyone's face. There is something about those cute llamas that just make your heart smile and everyone was soaking up the love for sure.

Tyler, from Banzi Balloons, continues to let me know he believes it is the most "epic" style shoot that was created in 2018 and I cant count the number of times that I have reached for these photos to show my clients some of the ideas that originated from this event.

That's what style shoots are all about, bringing together a curated group of professionals with such a high skill set that they bring reality to big picture ideas and inspire our clients and help them chose outside of the box ideas for their own weddings and events.

Full Vendor Team:

Venue: Sycamore at Mallow Run

Photography : Allison Meyer Photography & Rakoteet Photography

Floral : Knox Flowers

Decor & Tablescape Rentals: Uncommly Styled

Linen & Chair & Table Rentals: A Classic Party Rental

Models: Kaiti Orf & Taylor Orf ( This was for their anniversary!)

A/V Lighting: Sterler Productions

Paper Artist: Milagros Studios

Hair & Makeup: Edith Herrera, Hair & Makeup Artist

Planner: Blue Llama Events

Bridal Attire 1: LuxReduxBridal

Bridal Attire 2: Kellys Closet Atlanta ; Rue de Siene Moonlight Valentina

Grooms Attire: Louies Tux Shop

Settee & Mantle: Violet Vintage

Balloons: Banzi Balloons

Image: Rakoteet Photography

Image: Rakoteet Photography

Image: Rakoteet Photography

Image: Allison Mayer Photography

Image: Allison Mayer Photography

Image: Allison Mayer Photography

Image: Allison Mayer Photography

Image: Allison Mayer Photography

Me having tons of fun with Diamond & Layna!

Image: Rakoteet Photography

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