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The Room Reveal

A couple's room reveal just doesn't get added to the timeline near enough. It is a fabulous opportunity for the couple to get the first look at an untouched reception room.

Think about how much thought, time and money you put into the #weddingdesign, specifically your #weddingreception. And the first time you will see it, will be at the #weddingintroductions after all your guests are seating. Here's what happens, guest begin to settle in and make themselves comfortable. Purses are placed on tables, coats on chairs and sometimes details like menus get moved around.

There is a reason why one of the most requested photos by couples are the untouched room shots. Your #weddingplanner and #weddingdesigner will we make sure the #weddingphotography and #weddingvideography team get in before anyone else is to capture the magic of the room in an untouched state. Those pictures are important but as the host, wouldn't you want to experience that first hand?

In just 5 minutes out of your day, its one of those experiences that our clients adore and are so grateful for. They experience one of the many #luxuryweddingplanning experiences, which is seeing your work come together. It truly feels like the culmination of a years of work and you designed it in your own #personalizedweddingstyle. See how Paola enjoyed her room reveal at #weddingvenue #newfields #deerzinkpavilion.

Heres how it works: Once the reception room is complete, the #weddingplanner and the #weddingflorist sneak the couple in and give them a first look at the beauty that we have all work together to design and execute. And if you are not planning a #firstlook with your significant other, the room reveal can be separated.

This can be a very busy time of the day for vendor setup, family photos and getting ready so here are a few #weddingtips to simplify it.

1. Make sure this 5-10 minutes of a room reveal are built into the timeline

2. Photographers and Videographers should be in the room to capture your excitement.

3. Vendors must know about this ahead of time because most vendors will think they have until guests arrive to finish set up so an earlier room completion time needs to be well communicated to everyone so they arrive with enough time

4. Turn the band/dj lights on , have the table settings in place and make sure everything is clean so you give the most true look to your client

5. Enjoy this moment, its a really great one for all of us!

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