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End on a High Note

We all love the beautiful photos that come from a sparkler or sky lantern send off. The emotion on your face as you run through a crowd of friends into newlywed bliss!

There are lots more reasons to have a couples send off than just the great photography. Its important to end every event on a high note, no one likes an event that fizzles out. A send off is a chance for the group to get together and feel a connection with you both and its also a cue that the evening is coming to an end.

During the planning process, our team will help you create a send off that fits your style. From sparklers, to fireworks, sky lanterns, a final dance or something completely unique to you both. Timing is everything when planning a send off. Depending on your guest size, it will take 15-20 minutes to get your guests in position. This will give you and your partner a few minutes of alone time.

Our team will set the scene, direct the guests and get everything in order for your photo/ video team so that you can have this once in a lifetime moment to share with your partner and close friends and family.

Sparkler Tip: Purchase the extra long sparklers. We will have you walk slowly between the crowd at first so the photographer can give you a lot of photos to choose from. And we may have you run through the crowd a couple of times before you jump into your car and take off for the evening

No matter your personal style, there is a send off for everyone. Work with your planning team to determine the perfect finale to end on a high note.

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