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Everyone Deserves a Party

Everyone Deserves a Party!

I live by that statement, even this year when we can’t have those parties the way we are used to. We still need to celebrate each other and find ways to make each other feel special.

People will remember these unique experiences of virtual events, Santa deliveries and positive vibes during the most tough times.

I have had two conversations over the last couple weeks, where people were totally surprised that event planning and wedding planning is as busy as ever. They thought the pandemic was going to stifle any and all events for the next few years.

Maybe, I am in my own event planning bubble here but things are busy and we are actively planning weddings in 2021 and corporate events at the end of 2021 and into 2022.

There was so much learned in 2020. At our first lock down in March, we learned how to strategically reschedule, have mini weddings to get legally married and then plan the celebration later in the year.

We learned that from June- November 2020 how to safely have events with masks, social distancing the dance floor and how to space the ceremony. Our planning process always considered safety, but this took safety to a whole new level. I am thrilled to say that our clients were never aware of any covid related cases from any of the events we planned this year. We kept ourselves and our clients safe and still held a wedding that thrilled them.

Corporate parties transitioned to virtual parties. Bosses dressed as Santa, delivering packages to their employees home. They supported the community by hiring musicians to play on zoom.

So with the vaccine on its way and with what we know about event planning, I am completely confident that we are going to Continue to thrive and be busier than ever.

I know there is a longing to get back to in person events. A friend of mine, who happens to have social anxiety, told me that even he misses events. 😂🤗

We will all remember 2020 for this different type of party and that’s ok.

Let’s do our best to make folks feel special and safely party. We will get back to it all in 2021 and 2020 and boy won’t there be some amazing events!

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