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The Invisible Workload of Event Planning

How complicated can it be to host an event? Have you ever had that thought?

Everyday we meet with clients that are overwhelmed and never realized all the things that they "didn't know that they didn't know"

When you are planning a wedding or a corporate event, there is a lot of money on the line and a lot personally on the line. If you think its expensive to hire a planner, there is a significant cost in not hiring a professional. Someone that is by your side that knows the right questions to ask and recommendations from their experience.

Blue Llama Events has years of experience planning and managing events. From weddings, VIP incentive programs, to large-scale conferences and trade shows, we are an expert in handling the “Invisible Workload”, enabling us to deliver more successful and smooth running, fun events for our clients and their guests. We understands that a memorable event experience means great memories and increased customer engagement.

When we talk about this invisible workload its about all the things that make a great event that aren't included in the contract. Everything from steaming dresses to making sure guests with food restrictions get the right meals. From social media marketing to invitation suite etiquette, 100's of emails and calls to ensure everyone is on the same page and their are no surprises. And if there are any issues that arise, there are back up plans and the issues are handled discreetly.

By incorporating the latest industry trends and technology we have helped connect people around the world and bring their ideas to life through powerful live events.

As many prospective clients may reconsider on whether to spend the money on an event planner, we can say with absolute certainty that not one of our past clients has ever wished that they hadn't hired Blue Llama Events. They have always found incredible value in our planning and on site coordination each and every time, something we are especially proud of

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