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Wedding Cake Selection

Speaking as a wedding planner it is trendy to see donuts, cookies and cupcakes served at weddings the last couple years.

Speaking as a wedding guest, I look forward to a wonderfully delicious piece of wedding cake. Of course we go to support the bride and groom first but cake is a close second!

There are few things we appreciate more than a decadent wedding cake—both in taste and style. Dessert trends come and go, but nothing takes the place of a delicious cake that satisfies more than one of your senses.

The cake is a perfect way to incorporate your overall wedding design into your special day. From extravagant to classic design and everything in between, you and your baker can get so creative to make something truly special

Take into account the season of the year in determining cake flavors. We have all had an amazing berry in the summer and a less then perfect berry in the off season. Consider these types of factors when determining any parts of your meny

Stressed about pleasing a whole crowd? Choose at least two wedding cake flavors in order to give their guests a choice. Choose your favorite, then give an alternative. Choose something that you think maybe another contrasting option

The most popular wedding cake flavors? Almond Cake, Pink Champagne and a Vanilla with strawberry or raspberry filling. For a richer flavor try chocolate with ganache filling.

When you begin to choose a baker, look at their past work. See how detailed they can make the cake using buttercream, so you dont have to go the fondant route. Once you find a baker that designs beautifully see about scheduling a tasting and trying the majority of their flavors!

Pick your favorite cake and filling flavors and then begin designing the exterior to fit the colors and theme of your wedding! Dont forget to rent a stand that will not only support a heavy cake but will compliment the style

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